Blumenstein Wave Guide Orca

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Blumenstein Wave Guide Orca 3" TT Full-Range Speakers

Current lead time: 3 months.

Photos of the newest Tuned Thickness edition coming soon.

The Wave Guide Orca Speaker is a historic take on the Orca design. Historic meaning simply that older speaker designs often have a screw on back panel to give access to the driver which is attached to the inside of the front panel. The result is a short wave guide (like a tiny horn) in front of the driver which gives older speakers their characteristic sound. The significant price difference compared to the surface mount Orcas is due to the increased difficulty of machining the parts and increased final assembly time of a speaker a screw on back panel.

The WG Orcas provide a similar, yet slightly brighter upper midrange yet slightly softer high frequencies than the surface mount Orcas or Marlins. For many folks the WG Orca model is ideal for unlocking the lowest listening levels because the frequency response overlaps with the Fletcher Munson curve of the ear at low volume levels.

Yes, we really shipped a pair to Antarctica! Versions of this model have been shipped to all 7 continents as of 2012, when a pair reached a small group of astronomers working in the South Pole Station Observatory. This donation to science served as a form of homage to the discovery of the south pole itself approximately 100 years prior. As with all Blumenstein products, the idea is that they will hopefully endure for centuries to come. The pair we sent to the South Pole Observatory furthers our ongoing woodwork durability testing in what is still one of the planet's harshest climates.


  • Fostex 3” paper cone driver

  • All natural, non-toxic linseed oil finish


  • 8 ohms, 75hz-35khz

  • Efficiency: 92.5 dB.

  • Robust solid wood internal bracing structure similar to Marlin and Orca

  • Wave guide Orcas (2022) have a front port.

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