Blumenstein Solid Oak Desktop Wedges

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Blumenstein Solid Oak Desktop Wedges

These solid wood wedges are designed for the Orca or Marlin full range speakers. For example, you can use them to raise up and angle the speakers to the correct height and angle for nearfield desktop listening.  

The wedges are also ideal if your speakers are placed on a lower ledge or console. Conversely, they can angle the speakers downward if the speakers are placed higher up, for example, in a restaurant, coffee shop, on top of a bookshelf, or in the corners of a room close to the ceiling. 

Marlins, Orcas, and Tritons will sound great in almost any room, or room placement, with or without desktop wedges. However, in certain applications, desktop wedges are the only way to get that "little bit extra" room/area coverage. Sometimes, a subtle angle can make all the difference.

Fulfilment time is currently 7-10 business days.

Price is for a pair.

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