Blumenstein Audio Uni 5" TT Feastrex Full-Range

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Material: Uni 5" Baltic Birch Plywood
Driver: Cabinet Only
Sale price$5,500.00


Blumenstein Audio Uni 5" TT Feastrex Full-Range

Uni is a Japanese style single driver monitor. Our 40 liter bass reflex cabinet is compatible with any Feastrex 5" driver. I have tuned the design to achieve balanced performance from a compact package. We can also source any of the Feastrex 9” fullrange driver models. The Blumenstein Feastrex 9” F90 cabinet in birch ($7500/pr.) is also an option.

I source handmade 5" or 9” Feastrex "beta" cone full range drivers directly from Akiyama-san, the builder/owner of Feastrex, in Nirasaki Japan, who I apprenticed with during the summer of 2009.

I personally have the entry level field coil model - the NF5ex (frequency response 41hz - 20khz) in the demonstration room speakers, but other 5" Feastrex models work great in these cabinets.

Some Feastrex enthusiasts (like Akiyama-san himself) feel that the Feastrex drivers do not require a subwoofer, and typically I agree with him. However, as an American audio designer, I am aware that some people might feel that the 5” Feastrex could benefit from a fine quality sub, such as our 12” Infrasonic Superwoofer. Even horn loaded subwoofers could be considered as a viable option with any Feastrex driver - Feastrex drivers are incredibly liquid and smooth placing ultimate demands on a subwoofer. Our subwoofers are an excellent space saving way to get legitimate bass reinforcement.

Suffice it to say, there are many options with the drivers themselves, which I understand well having built some of the drivers myself and listening to many more during and after my apprenticeship. I provide personalized support to help you achieve your goals. Feastrex has the longest lineage (back to the 1940’s), is the most exotic, highest-end full range driver brand in the world. There is no other driver brand that is as sonically driven by nature in sourcing or making all their own parts. Visit as well as

The default Feastrex drivers (D5nf) in the drop down menu are considered a separate purchase that I will personally handle for you from Akiyama-san at Feastrex. The lead time for the drivers themselves is typically 3-6 months. We will receive them here first for testing before installing them in your Uni cabinets.

If you are looking to purchase raw Feastrex drivers without the Uni cabinet, just get in touch with me over email. I have access to the full Feastrex catalog. Driver prices range between $4500/pr for the D5nf up to ~$80,000/pr for the Type III 9” models. Just like the Uni cabinets, all Feastrex driver sales are final.

Blumenstein Feastrex Uni fullrange speaker enclosures are each custom built to order and take approximately 6-9 months to complete.

Feastrex driver and Uni, F90 cabinet orders are considered fully custom. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. All sales are final.

Please note the Uni cabinet pictured above are a pair of NF5ex (field coil) drivers in rear ported cabinets built in Natural Bamboo. However, all new orders will ship default with D5nf drivers in Baltic Birch plywood cabinets with a front port unless otherwise specified.

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