Blumenstein 8" Chameleon Sealed Subwoofer

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Amplifier: No Amp
Material: Birch Plywood
Sale price$880.00


Blumenstein 8" Chameleon Sealed Subwoofer

Now offered in Active and Passive versions.

8” Chameleon sealed subwoofer gets down to 28hz. The deepest driving, most natural sounding compact subwoofer we offer.

For most people looking at using my speakers at normal volume levels, the search for a subwoofer to use with the Orcas or Marlins should probably stop here. The Chameleon is a purist passive subwoofer that is designed to blend correctly with the sound of Orcas, Marlins, or as an entry level subwoofer for the Tritons due to them being made in the same cabinet construction quality and also using a lightweight paper cone woofer driver. Musically speaking, this seemless blending between subwoofer(s) and fullrange speakers is extremely important to be able to lose oneself in the listening experience.

The new 8” Chameleon subwoofer sounds cleaner, hits harder, gets louder, and lower, without compression, than any of my prior ported or sealed subwoofer designs. Yet, it blends with the main speakers even better than my prior 5 1/4” and 6 1/2” ported designs. I did my best to level up every aspect of performance in this new model but to keep the subwoofer in a small, manageable size for practical considerations. The Chameleon is specifically designed to be simultaneously powerful, yet not necessarily annoy neighbors or housemates (like my 12” infrasonic superwoofer).

The 8” will give great frequency response and a vastly expanded dynamic range that works well with recorded music.

The Chameleon will work great with movies as well.

And oh, it gets plenty loud enough to trigger spontaneous dance parties.

The key words with the 8” Chameleon subwoofer are “beauty,” “blend,” and “balance.”

8” Chameleon sealed subwoofer is a passive cabinet with a compact outboard subwoofer amplifier optionally included in the price, the OSD SMP100.

Bamboo is now custom order.

Birch plywood: 1 month to delivery

Walnut or Maple veneer: 3 months to delivery

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