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In-Ear Monitors

Here at Mimic Audio our selection of in-ear monitors is pretty
inclusive. We have options with multiple types of drivers and offer both
wired and wireless variants.

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What are in ear monitors?

In-ear monitors, which are also know as IEMs, are becoming
increasingly popular over the past few years for a number of reasons.
While they were originally used mostly by live performers they are now
directed at a wider audience. While traditional headphones deliver sound
through ear cups around the ears, these in-ear monitors work how the
name suggests. They sit in the ear canal in either universal or custom
fits. Because of the nature in the way they are worn, in-ear monitors
offer quite a bit of noise reduction from the outside world.

Main Benefits

Many of the benefits now are in how portable these in-ear monitors
are. They are small lightweight and can be driven easily even without
desktop gear. The other benefit is in their inherit noise reduction.
In-ear monitors have become a favorite of people on the go. Whether at
the office, on the train, or taking the dog for a walk these in-ear
monitors provide excellent sound quality and noise reduction to hear the
music as it was intended anywhere you go.

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